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Section One Sdn Bhd is currently fully support the Malaysian government initiative towards cashless society. Therefore, we take this challenge to make us as part of contributor to the program. We tide up with our strategic partner KAT Technologies by promoting Kiple Apps as one of e-payment solution at our outlets and marketplace.

Why Kiple?
Kiple is a digital wallet that lets users pay easily without cash, get instant rebates, enjoy various promotions & purchase discount vouchers with great savings! Save without even trying when you pay with Kiple. Get instant 10% rebate on every transaction: StoreValue and KipleKash rebate is as good as cash with a simple 1: RM1 equivalent that beats other reward/loyalty programs. Kiple rebates add up fast and can be used to pay and offset your bill at any Kiple partner to make your money go further.

10% rebate plus more reasons to download Kiple:
• Get access to 30% off deals
• Snap up promos that are FREE to redeem
• Enhance your shop & dine experience with digital innovations
• Carry less cash and cards, and wallet bulk
• Trusted Bank Negara Malaysia regulated e-payment partner and secure 6-digit pin with fingerprint option

Pay. Earn. Save. Repeat. Download it now!