Let’s start shopping with Section1.

STEP 1 Search for the product

  1. Browse product by categories / type your query at the Search box
  2. Choose your sub-category

STEP 2 Select your product

STEP 3 Check product information

  1. Read the product information and scroll down till the end of the information.
  2. Check product availability and expected delivery time
  3. Click to Buy Now/Add to Cart/Wish list icon
    • Buy Now: Immediately purchase single item OR
    • Add to cart: Gather selection items and summarize total price of the selection items OR
    • Wish list Icon: Mark your favourite items for future reference

STEP 4 Confirm shopping cart

  1. Check Cart Details (quantity and the total price of the selection items).
  2. Choose and click Continue Shopping / Proceed to Checkout
    • Continue Shopping (Close the Cart page and continue shopping)
    • Proceed to Checkout (Proceed for the next buying process).

STEP 5 Enter email

  1. Choose to Continue as guest OR create new account if you have not created yet OR log in if you already have an account
  2. Click to Continue

STEP 6 Delivery information

  1. Enter required information
  2. Check the shipping fees (surcharges maybe applied for bulky items)
  3. Click to Continue

STEP 7 Payment method

  1. COD/Credit or Debit/Paypal/ Cash Deposit/Online Banking
  2. Optional: Enter Voucher Code and Click Use Voucher (the price will be updates if success)

STEP 8 Submit order

  1. Read and confirm your Order Summary and Delivery Information
  2. Click Place Order to confirm

STEP 9 Order confirmation

  1. End of buying process. There will be a tracking order number for customer’s order tracking. The order confirmation also be sent to you via email.